How to Build Your Muscle Fast Following The Best Specific Strategy


Building a dream body takes days, weeks, and months in the gym and sticking to a clean diet. We could throw every sentence in the book at you: Rome wasn’t built in a day; the race is won slowly and steadily; there are no shortcuts to any place worth going; etc.

We’ve preached patience and dedication over the years, but we also understand that sometimes you just need to add quality quickly. Maybe you have a show coming up, you need bigger guns, or maybe you want to impress someone you find on a dating app. Whatever the reason, there are ways to speed up your muscle growth.

These tips won’t make the muscles magically appear, but following them will ensure a faster pump than anything you’re doing right now.

Remember, these quick fixes are no substitute for smart programming and clean eating—while these will definitely make you look better, the quest for overall fitness and health will still take some time to materialize. At this point, if you’re eating like crap or not getting enough rest, these tips won’t do you any favors.

The basic principles of bodybuilding and training should still be adhered to, even if you try to speed up your muscle growth a bit.

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